Whether you work with 10, 100 or 1000 gateways, it's always hard to find the right solution for the job. Together with AAEON and ICC, you can improve your optimized management solution. By collaborating with most of the major IOT Device management software on the market, your time to market is greatly reduced. Examples: Balena, Mender.io, etc.


With the right software, the information collected by your gateways is extremely valuable. To simplify big data analytics or add AI-based tasks for your gateways, AAEON has tested and approved several important Middleware software for its hardware. Control your gateways through a secure and flexible interface software platform.

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Passive cooling, DIN Rail mounting, AI Accelerator, dual Ethernet and more. An easy global catalog to help you choose the gateway that fits your project!

Gateway Selector

Just select your sensor, AAEON Gateway products speak to all protocols!

Use the sensor that works best for your project and connect it to your AAEON gateway using modern LPWAN connections.


Define the scope of your IoT project: What sensors will you need? Which form factor will be most beneficial? Whatkind ofenvironmentwill the gatewaybe installed in? It's also a good time to ask yourself if you can use the AI Edge inference... Together with your ICC and AAEON contact, we will help you find the right product and get you in touch with the right peripheral partner to start your prototyping. Is it still hard to choose? Don't worry, the UP Family offers fast shipping and cost-effective solutions for fast prototyping and excellent scaling possibilities. Turning your project into a real scale has never been easier. Together we produce, develop, manufacture and support a reliable, efficient and tailored, flow-based solution to your needs. Contact us now to start your project!

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