Offering robustness and elegance, Industrial Panel PCs are uniquely designed to offer usability and aesthetics in different working environments. Support for operation in a wide temperature range, IP65 protection class, multi-touch (multitouch) feature, in sunlight readability (Sun readable) options and scratch-proof screens. The ICC's all industrial touch panel computers; efficiently optimizes all applications, from factory automation to IoT and smart city applications. ICC offers a wide range of ready-made components that offer a wide range of solutions specifically designed for automation management in smart factories. All panel computers have an aluminum case that provides resistance to corrosion, wear and other external stimuli, as well as fanless or combined cooling solutions. Connection options are maximized with support for multi-alternative I/O ports.

Different product alternatives are also offered with the IPC4, AAEON and IBASE brands.

1024X600 16:9 7"
1024X768 4:3 8” - 10.4” - 12" - 15"
1280X800 16:10 12.1"
1280X1024 4:3 17”- 19"
1366X768 16:9 10.1", 15,6”
1440X900 16:10 19.1"
1920X1080 16:9 Full HD 11.6” - 15.6" - 17.3" - 21.5"

In addition to Intel® Celeron®, Pentium™, Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 processor options, P-CAP 10 Finger Touch Zoom In / Zoom Out display function, onboard Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, 2x Ethernet Port, -10°C /+60°C Operating temperature, Black and Metallic Gray (silver) color options

Our products have been tested and reported for temperature, vibration, impact, IP65, EMC, which ensures workability in industrial environments.

IPC4 has a 3-year, AAEON and IBASE 2-year warranty against manufacturer faults and a 5-year original + 5-year warranty of supplying equivalent spare parts.

Endüstriyel PC 1
Endüstriyel PC 2