Mobile Station Surveillance Systems with AAEON AI Technology

Mobile Station Surveillance Systems with AAEON AI Technology

In cities around the world, transport hubs are intensifying, and many terminals are now having to cope with far more people than they were designed to do. Passenger numbers at both large and small stations are often well above the level that can be adequately managed by security personnel, leading to a number of problems.

Authorities want to be able to more effectively stop passengers from boarding the train without buying tickets, and more importantly, they need to identify individuals who are acting suspiciously. Since they are such busy and important places, it is not difficult to guess that train stations regularly face security threats. It is not secret that security personel should be aware of unusual behavior as soon as possible.

Traditional security camera systems are governed by people who monitor multiple camera streams and detect dangerous or fraudulent behavior and this is a flawed solution that becomes less and less effective as the number of passengers increases. It is no longer a secret that security teams need to use AI technology to create a more complete answer.

Yapay Zeka

Effective AI security systems require:

• A powerful computing system
• Multiple, independently configurable IP cameras
• Advanced AI software with behavior analysis and virtual fence functions
• A user-friendly video management system

AAEON's Solution

AAEON has a number of powerful NVRs, and for this project AAEON appropriated the VPC-5600S because of its individual LAN chips and eight smart PoE ports with a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor. AAEON has also worked with a number of AI surveillance software companies and a video management software company to integrate hardware and software into a complete surveillance solution.

Wide-Ranging View

AAEON recommended using up to six network or cloud-connected IP cameras for this AI application. Due to the intelligent PoE features of the VPC-5600S, each of these cameras was independently controllable and restartable.

Work at the Limits

The VPC-5600S is equipped with AAEON's AI Core X, a mini PCIe module that uses Intel® Movidius ™ Myriad ™ technology to enable edge computing. In this way, the Ultra compact AI processing board can manage an additional IP camera for a total of seven cameras in the system. Users will receive security information and alerts even if the NVR is temporarily disconnected from the network or cloud, as the broadcast from this camera will be analyzed at the extremes. Therefore, it will be an excellent option for monitoring sensitive areas.

AI Analysis

• With Virtual Fence AI software, users can create virtual fences that track anyone who passes through a designated area or crosses a virtual obstacle. Only on input/output ways, the software sends an alert only if someone crosses the obstacle in the wrong direction. (One-Way Pass Control)

So as to ensure that security alerts are not sent unnecessarily, the software can detect limited direction to track individual passengers walking near the virtual fence. If someone accidentally enters the exit path but quickly reverses direction, the warning is not sent. (The margin of error rate can be assigned by system integrators.)

• Behavior analyst AI firm has trained its programs to detect signs of dangerous behavior, and the software can program to send an alert if it detects anything suspicious.

Video Management

Video feeds and the results of AI analysis - including security alerts - are sent to video management software.


AAEON's integrated solution provides security guards with the tools they need to manage increasingly concentrated public spaces. Potentially fraudulent or dangerous behavior can be detected and security can be achieved more quickly. Officers can be placed where they really need to be and train stations can become safer places for passengers.

Yapay Zeka

About VPC-5600S

The VPC-5600S is a market-leading network video recorder that can be plugged in with up to eight PoE ports with separate LAN ports. There are also four USB3.0 ports and two LAN ports, so it can support up to 14 high-end security cameras.

The smart PoE function also helps users with maintenance. Faulty cameras or sensors can be controlled and restarted remotely. Even if peripheral devices stop working completely, the rest of the network will continue to run smoothly.

This rugged, fanless device has a guaranteed operating temperature range from -40C to 85C and a DC input range of 10V to 36V. It has two 2.5" HDD/SSD compartments, an mSATA slot and easy-to-install expansion modules that allow users to quickly and inexpensively add additional display or COM ports.