IoT can be defined as the internet connection of devices (objects) so that they can collect and share data without human assistance.

IoT devices range from smart thermostats to vehicle systems to biochip transponders in farm animals.

IoT "objects" are not just stupid devices that can be turned on and off remotely;

• They are "smart" devices with their own local logic and processing.
• They have protocols for exchanging information with each other,
• It has the ability to send and receive information and commands over a network (including),
• Operational efficiency can be used to determine maintenance periods,
• It is used to eliminate the human factor in security and reduce errors,

In general;

• Efficiency
• Monitoring and control
• Reliability
• Performance diagnostics
• Allows machines to move independently.

IIoT is the use of IoT technologies for industrial purposes, from gas pumps to HVAC systems to factory floor machines.

Sensor data that is already collecting data (pressure, temperature, vibration, flow and much more) can now be combined with data from other systems and collected, analyzed and modified in new ways.


IoT Gateway

Indoor Industrial LORA® Certified Gateway and Network Server

IoT Gateway2

Powered by AAEON Industrial LoRa® Gateway and Network Server, Intel ATOM Quad-Core processor, and IMST LoRa® concentrator iC880A (SX1301 processor), the 868MHz solution is 8 channels certified. Gigabit Ethernet offers the option to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with multiple USB ports and video output.



IoT Gateway3

IP68 Robust Industrial Gateway for outdoor applications

IoT Gateway4

A powerful Quad-Core Intel Apollo Lake ATOM offers high computing capabilities and high extensibility against multi-radio protocols that connect to low power sensors such as 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee or LPWAN IQRF and LoRa®. The availability of rich IO's varies from USB to Serial ports and can optionally include PoE support.



IoT Gateway5

Industrial Automation IoT Gateway with Onboard 4G, Serial Port and Analog I/O

IoT Gateway6

The industrial IoT Gateway model is intended to help AIOT-IGWS01 field devices transition to the automation system to which they are connected. With a powerful processor, 4G cellular connectivity, 2-adle RS-232/422/485 Serial port, Analog and Digital iOS’s and Gigabit Ethernet I/O set, this gateway helps strengthen existing machine and automation solutions.