Application Story Smart Lighting

Application Story Smart Lighting

Bright street lighting improves road safety, helps reduce crime and makes cities more vibrant and attractive to both businesses and communities. However, traditional street lamps create a large drainage in the public finances and also contribute greatly to climate change. To save costs and meet the growing demand for energy efficiency, cities around the world are in the process of replacing old street lights with low-power LEDs. But this upgrade cannot be the end of this story for 21st century lighting systems. Even if modern cities never sleep, the people who live in them sleep, and the lights don't need to shine with the same intensity throughout the night. In the smart cities of the future, we need a way to manage when and which brightness the lights of public space shine. With a network of sensors and intelligent management systems, AAEON Smart Lighting Controls can respond to real-time factors to dim or turn lights on or off at a specified group or individual level.

Edge Processing

Powered by Intel Vision Products, AAEON Atlas* is a powerful edge computing node that combines data streams from intelligent lighting, environmental monitoring, and video sensors. Atlas is working at the extreme to allow city administrators to create a connected data center that enables a large number of new applications. For example, when an Atlas compatible camera establish with network video recorder (NVR) and management system, the idea of implementing a city-wide park can come up. Vehicle drivers can park on city streets without having to make changes to a meter or pay; smart cameras on street lamps can capture, classify images like plates and calculate full parking time through a gateway and transfer them to a cloud-based management system using computer vision.

Smart Lighting System

Key Benefits

(1) Advanced controls
Inefficient timers can be replaced with flexible, independent controls.
(2) Energy efficiency
Energy consumption can be reduced by turning off unnecessary lights and removing power from faulty units.
(3) Improved maintenance
Maintenance work can be accelerated by real-time reporting of failures.
(4) Financially minimal level
It is editable cost level as part of a pre-designed LED lamp upgrade project.
(5) Future-Proof is an IoT platform
With additional sensors such as smart parking, smart waste and air sensors, smart city infrastructure applications can be installed and configured years after the installation.

Edge-X, Central Management System (CMS)

Edge -X is a brand new Cloud Street Light monitoring and management solutionthat develops three different architectures, single light control panel, loop monitoring panel and loop control panel based on the size of the space and market demand. Edge-X can manage more than 100,000 streetlights at the same time. It supports both powerline and wireless network transmission. It is a highly compatible and scalable platform. Edge-X allows users to browse the cloud platform to view all the information on the street, speed up dispatch repair for administrators with the immediate detection of abnormal street lights, and have a range of accurate diagnostic engines that allow them to easily access street lights. It is the main task of Edge-X to increase the satisfaction and road safety of all passers-by at all times.