Industrial Box PCs included in the ICC range offer industrial computer platforms designed for process optimization in connected environments. It does not require planned maintenance for intelligent automation and thus supports production efficiency. Embedded Box Pc products are designed for use in transportation, entertainment, environmental and industrial plant monitoring, biometrics, industrial production, food production automation control, inspection management and building applications. It minimizes postures especially in factory automation applications by providing use in difficult conditions with its fanless structure. It is also the perfect choice for Machine Vision architecture.

Designed to streamline industrial automation processes such as manufacturing and product lifecycle management, all Embedded Box PCs are reliable, flexible and require little maintenance. Designed for longevity and flexibility, our Box PCs are durable, highly scalable. It can be produced specifically for the configuration you want. This allows you not to pay for features you won't use for nothing. One of the most suitable solutions for harsh environments such as factories, our Box PCs have a user-friendly and highly flexible interface.

Intel® Celeron®, Pentium™, Core™ i5, Core™ i7, Xeon™ processors can be configured according to applications that require performance in simple applications.


Ready-made industrial computer platforms manufactured by the AAEON, IBASE and IPC4 brands are designed to ideally prepare your production facility or presence for IIoT and Industry 4.0.


Industrial Box PCs are maintenance-free and provide maximum availability, minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Industrial Box PCs are designed for industrial applications. Our Box PCs, which perfectly function as a controller platform and smart gateway for data collection, IoT Edge applications, are also an ideal solution for remote monitoring applications with built-in communication options and peripherals.