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Industrial Computer Center

Industrial Communication Center

We are a company that operates under the motto "Industrial Computer Center" and provides customers with industrial PC products, one of the most significant needs in information and automation technologies.

In this path we started in 2017, it has been our goal to provide users with goods that appropriately describe the notion of "industrial computer," whose definition and significance are not well understood in the market.

We began our journey with AAEON and IBASE's Turkish representation before adding our brands, IPC4 and ECCOIPC4, to our product range. We experienced rapid growth and became one of the leading companies serving the Turkish market's needs for Industry 4.0.

As ICC, we offer industrial PC products for field usage in industrial automation and IT solutions in a variety of industries, including automotive, iron and steel, machinery production, food, packaging, textile, tire-rubber, and energy.

Additionally, with our technical experience, we offer our customers professional assistance in selecting the right product and offer them non-standard products customized according to their needs. Along with all of these, we believe in a holistic service approach that includes technical help when required after sales through our experienced sales and sales support teams, who are constantly in contact with our customers.

We offer services at our offices in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, and Izmir, Turkey, to better serve our clients' needs rapidly. Also, as ICC, we continue activities in our offices in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Antwerp, Belgium, which are the first steps of our globalization story.


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