The leading manufacturers of advanced hardware platform for network computing and security solutions are AAEON and IBASE branded SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, wireless gateway, NGFW products, as well as a wide range of network devices, including attack detection/prevention, WAN Optimization, network access control. It also performs web content filtering, unified threat management, and wireless network security tasks as the most versatile and cost-effective network solution on the market. From Intel® Atom™ to Intel® Xeon® processors, X86-based platforms and desktop, 1U, and IBASE Network Appliance Products have helped many organizations around the world use network devices reliably and faster. The most advanced hardware platforms have provided the market with the advantage of low-cost product usage thanks to unparalleled service quality and long-term support. Similarly, the NVR systems of the AAEON and IBASE brands showcase their NVR capabilities in desktop and on-vehicle use. Systems also carry a comprehensive set of features, such as high-tech processors and hot-swappable HDDs, to maximize their potential in the applications of their choice.

Industrial Cybersecurity

With the deployment and expansion of Industry 4.0 technologies such as Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Edge Computing, more industrial systems are connecting to cloud and SD-WAN networks. This creates a gap in information security that has the potential to be increasingly damaged by cyberattacks and malware. Where Information Technology (IT) systems have traditionally been largely protected against such cyber threats, operational technology (OT) systems such as PLCs, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA have previously been isolated from larger networks and internet connections. This means that all factories are now sending data out and importing data from outside. In addition, security budgets for industrial infrastructure are often tight due to the costs already incurring in the deployment of OT systems. AAEON has developed solutions to develop solutions to industrial infrastructure against the threat of cyberattacks against the compact FWS-2275 and ICS-6270 DIN rail mounted network device. Both provide a flexible and economical solution to add vital network security tools to industrial networks and OT systems. Using AAEON's experience in designing embedded industrial systems, the FWS-2275 and ICS-6270 feature fanless design, sturdy metal chassis and wide operating temperature ranges to ensure long-lasting and reliable operation wherever they are deployed.

Network Appliance