IPC Android industrial Web Panel computers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and be placed in harsh environments. These units are long-lasting and will operate reliably 24/7.

IPC4 Android Web-Panel PCs are built with robust internal components to ensure the longevity of the units. It provides high performance with Rockchip processor.

Although the Android operating system first brings to mind smartphones and tablets, these products are also used in industrial applications besides personal use. Especially as flexibility is needed in industrial operations, the demand for Industrial Web-Panel PCs with Android operating system is increasing. Just as Android Web-Panel PCs have broad flexibility in their integration, the Android platform provides the same flexibility at more affordable prices when it comes to app development.


Android Panel PC in Production

For customers with different usage needs, Android OS is considered a huge advantage when it comes to application development. Organizations can update apps based on their importance. Android is also a great system for developing customized applications. For the machine or equipment that must run a specific program, android Web-Panel PC can be considered an ideal way to perform these operations.

Android Panel PCs are preferred especially in applications with remote monitoring, data collection, Scada Web Client applications, Web Panel applications and browser (Web Browser).

Energy Saving

Android uses fewer system resources than other operating systems, so it requires a less powerful processor to work. The energy savings provided in this way allow the Android Operating System to run on smaller devices. Therefore, if the application is simple and only one or more programs need to be run, Android Panel will provide more effective use with PCs.


The Android operating system is free, and devices running the system are often cheaper depending on the app and how it uses it. Because android-running units are often smaller with less demanding computing requirements, costs can be saved.

Android Panel PC Solutions

IPC4 Android panel PCs are built with industrial-grade internal components and motherboards. This means that your computer will last longer than a consumer-class computer. Like our Box PCs, our Panel PCs are fans-free, which ensures that the computer runs 24/7 without interruption for years. There is also a special mounting frame that allows panel PCs to be easily integrated into machines, equipment, or walls.