Smart Transportation Systems provincial application technologies and basic management systems such as vehicle navigation, traffic signal control systems, container management systems, automatic license plate recognition or speed cameras applications, live data and feedback, and different applications such as park guidance, information systems and weather information are given life. By moving management software and systems to cloud storage and data management, transportation providers can simplify their IT infrastructure. This transformation simplifies new ways to communicate and collaborate while managing costs.

Smart Transportation solutions; it provides efficient traffic management and mobility management through continuous monitoring of traffic conditions, control of traffic flow and accurate transmission of traffic-related information to drivers and vehicles in a timely manner. It helps solve a variety of road safety issues by enabling users to be better informed and use transportation networks more securely and intelligently.

ICC's Intelligent Transport solutions are designed with robust 'industrial grade' electronic components to ensure road safety and are suitable for harsh working environments to ensure uninterrupted operation with high reliability. Product alternatives include EN50155 / EN45545 certified railway computers, E-Mark certified in-car computers, passenger information systems, driver console HMI, ticketing systems, automated fare collection systems, entertainment systems and indoor/outdoor stainless steel, fanless 4" to 21.5" or larger combined industrial touch panel PCs.


MPT Series Railway / In-Car Box Computer Systems

MPT Series rail/in-car computers with dual SIM sockets and redundant dual WWAN communication modules can operate as the heart of passenger and driver information systems, communication centers and traffic or fleet management systems with wide operating temperatures ranging from -40°C /70°C and wide supply voltage range such as 9VDC~24VDC~110VAC, GPIO interfaces. The integration of information and communication technologies into intelligent transportation systems and their applications in the field of road transport can save life, time and costs as they address traffic congestion problems and increase transportation safety.