IPC4-MES computers, smart biometric and card reading terminal, designed for use in MES applications, which are one of the important stages of digital transformation. IPC4-MES computers are in standard 10.1” and 11.6” sizes, can be customized according to order quantity other sizes from 7” ~ 21.5”.

Supporting specially developed Android (optional Windows) operating systems, the 13.56MHz RFID card reader added on the fanless industrial motherboard includes a high-sensitivity camera for face recognition algorithm functions, in addition to fingerprint reader modules.

It can quickly and accurately detect and verify the identified identity (ID) information within 1-2 seconds, and quickly compare the registered face image with the ID card photo.

High Identification Power

The high-performance chip optical fingerprint recognition module is used to quickly process users' fingerprint input, image processing, and fingerprint ratio. Together with an industrial-grade card reader and ultra wide-angle camera function module, it is used to protect personal safety and property security.

Biometrik Panel PC